Oil Antifreeze

Extended Life Coolant


Premium performance, environmentally sensitive, pre-diluted coolant, antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor based on extended-life organic acid Carboxylate Technology in ethylene glycol also provides long-term protection of the cooling systems of gasoline and light and heavy-duty diesel engines.


  • Passenger car gasoline and diesel engines
  • Light-duty commercial vehicle gasoline and diesel engines
  • Heavy-duty diesel engines fitted with “wet” or “dry” liners, in both on and off-highway service
  • High temperature aluminium engine blocks

Recommended maximum service intervals are:

Passenger car & light truck commercial vehicles 250,000 km or 5 years

Heavy-duty diesel, on-road 600,000 km or 4 years

Heavy-duty diesel, off-road 8,000 hours or 4 years

Felix Prolonger antifreeze G11

Corresponds to G11 category classification Volkswagen, specification requirements of import car producers, international standards ASTM D 3306 and SAE J 1034

  • Has an extended metal, alloy, rubber protection
  • Contains enhanced package of anticorrosive, anticavitational, antifoaming, lubricating additives
  • Prevents scaling, sludging, sliming
  • Heat proof during the operating life
  • Has a good thermal conduction
  • Provides quick engine warm-up
  • Excludes engine’s overheating and freezing
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Has high greasy properties

Felix Carbox G12 antifreeze

Corresponds to the G12 class under the Volkswagen classification, meets the requirements of specifications foreign automobile plants, international standards ASTM D 3306, ASTM D4985, KSM 2142, BS 6580, SAE J 1034, JIS K2234

  • Has an extended operating life-250.000km
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Protects engines from high-temperature and cavitation corrosion
  • Protects engine from freeze and overheating
  • Improves work and increases operate life of pump, thermostat and coolers at 150-200%
  • Closes out scale formation and deposits
  • Has high greasy properties
  • Contains carboxylated additives
  • Doesn’t contain amines, borates, nitrites, phosphates and silicates


Coolant EcoTerm is for heating system, ventilation system, heating pump of all kinds of heating oven and all types of heat exchange equipments.

Concentrate of coolant EcoTerm is not directly used as liquid, but it is used as diluted liquid with water according to the instruction of it. By diluting EcoTerm concentrate with appropriate portion, operation liquid whose pour point is between -20C and -65C can be created.

The advantage of EcoTerm is its prudent structure that makes preparation of operation liquid easier by diluting the concentrate with normal tap water.

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