Money Voucher

The “MT petrol purchase sheet” service is available for the contracted distributors and  individuals who want to purchase the petroleum products on credit.

The client sends to “MT” a request letter signed by the company director or authorized representative  in advance. The request shall specify the vehicle license plate number and the amount of petrol  to be purchased.


  • Possibility to buy petrol on credit (loan);
  • Possibility to buy petrol (in case the credit contract is not expired) if the driver has no cash or forgotten to bring the petrol card or the petrol voucher, he or she can fill his/her tank up simply by showing his license plate number and signing the MT petrol purchase sheet at any MT petrol station as it is registered with MT.
  • The corporate clients can budget and limit the petrol expenses by amount or types of the petroleum products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • 3% discount on purchases in case of the payment for the petroleum products in advance.
  • Corporate clients can fully control their petrol cost as the amount of petrol is registered at each fill-up;
  • Preferential treatment  in case of petrol shortages.

MT building, UN street, POBox-46A/505 6th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar-14201, Mongolia


Fax: 976-11-350005